Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by valuation of property?
Valuation of property simply means arriving at the actual prevailing cost of the property. It could depend upon number of parameters, location of property being the most important one. One needs to consider other parameters such as age of property, projects available, facilities offered and the sizes available in that project. The latest transaction price of a similar property needs to be considered to arrive at the closest value of the given property.
How do you choose the right type of property?
Depending on the chosen budget, one can decide the type of property. If you are an end-user, the size of your family, along with the budget can be a determining factor while choosing the type of house you need. There is a wide range to choose from today as the market abounds in various housing formats from 1, 2, 3 and 4BHK apartments, to studios, villas and row houses, to builder floors and independent houses. Multi-storey projects and township with all amenities in one project clubhouse, swimming pool, meditation center, health clubs, departmental stores, schools, cinemas, sports facilities and banquet/party halls are what most end-users are looking at today
What are the things to actually look for when zeroing in on a house?
Budget, location, type of property, objective of buying and choice of property are the determining factors for purchase of property from an end user's perspective. Real estate values are governed by demand and supply. This may vary on a project to project basis. The projects which see good demand normally do not see a price correction
What is meant by Carpet Area, Built-Up Area & Super Built-Up Area?
Carpet area is defined as the precise area within the walls of your home. If you had to lay out a wall-to-wall carpet in your entire home, the area covered would be the carpet area. Built-up area is inclusive of not just the carpet area but also the area being occupied by the walls of your home. Super built-up area takes into account all the area under the common spaces which is the apartment's proportionate share of the lobby, staircase, elevator and the corridor outside the apartment.
Can a home depreciate in value?
Generally, real property never depreciates in value , it is not very common for property to depreciate. This is why it's a great investment. Make sure you carefully consider location and community when choosing a home, it can effect the homes future value greatly. If you are in a newly developed area, do some research on the construction of the surrounding areas being developed to determine if they may effect your homes value.
What happens when I want to sell the property?
We will market the property to another investor through the Alfaisal network. If the property has been held for a little while it will have a history as a performing asset and will be attractive to other investors. You are of course free to sell it yourself to whomsoever that you choose in the open market. The good news is that it can be easily marketed to another investor or a homeowner.